Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sweats and Heels

Pants: Zara
Chambray Shirt: Madewell
Sweater: Madewell
Heels: Forever 21
Bag: Phillip Lim for Target
Watch: Nordstrom
Lips: MAC Satin Liptick in Captive

     It's official - I think these pants may be the best thing to happen to me since the invention of instant coffee. Zara really knew what they were doing when they decided to make a pair of sweatpants with a faux leather waistband; I mean, find me a comfy article of clothing with leather accents, and I'll be professing my unrequited love in no time. And what better to pull on on a sleepy, cold Monday morning than your favorite pair of sweats? Definitely Monday-proof.

Find them here!

xo, Caroline

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Conquering Leather Pants

Current autumn essentials- I can't put Leandra's book down!

Pants: H&M
Striped Tee: H&M
Blazer: H&M
Booties: Zara
Bracelets: Givenchy, Nordstrom
Rings: Topshop
Bag: Phillip Lim for Target
Lip Color: Nars Casablanca
Phone Case: Kate Spade

    I never knew a pair of pants could be particularly terrifying. Then I met leather oxblood pants, and things became sufficiently different. I still remember the first day I picked them up in H&M roughly a year ago, fingering their perfectly autumnal-hued pleather indecisively. Upon trying them on, I think my conversation with my sister went a little something like this:

    "Be 100% honest, do these pants make me look like an oxblood whale?"

    "They're fine. If you like them, hurry up and get them so we can get out of here."

    ...Or something of that nature. Obviously, I decided to take a chance on the potentially dangerous article of clothing. However, the pants were unfortunately doomed to the bottom of the pant stack in my wardrobe, due to my nerves about such a tricky item.

    As luck would have it, I was packing for Teen Vogue Fashion University two weeks ago, and rediscovered the unworn leather pants. Impulsively, I tossed them into my suitcase, deciding they might be worth a try. I mean, if you're going to wear any sort of risky fashion item, there's no place like NYC to give it a test run. Actually, I found that I got more compliments on the pants than any other piece I wore all weekend. Ditto when I decided to take the plunge of wearing them to school today.

    Long story short: that one piece that has sat lonely in your closet for months, unworn, tags still attached? Give it a chance. What was once a serial closet-space-waster may just become your new favorite shirt, or pants, or pair of overalls. (Seriously, go for it!) Take risks; you may just gain a cool new pair of oxblood pleather pants.

xo, Caroline

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Teen Vogue Fashion University 2013: A Weekend in Pictures

One week ago from today, I had the pleasure of having the opportunity to attend my second go-around of Teen Vogue's Fashion University. Fashion U is a program that gives 500 young ladies and gentlemen between the ages of 16 and 24 the opportunity to travel to New York City for a weekend in October to take "classes" of sorts put on by key players in the industry. Some of this year's speakers included Alexa Chung, Erika Bearman (Oscar PR Girl, as she is known), Amy Astley, Phyllis Posnick and Eve MacSweeney of Vogue, Coco Rocha, Thakoon, Joseph Altuzarra, Nanette Lepore- as well as many other fashion-fangirling-inducing names. Not only this, but the networking opportunities for the students are unparalleled; I have met some of my closest friends through TVFU. And of course, the parties at Express and Topshop Friday and Saturday night respectively- which, lets be honest- I felt pretty VIP status going to those!

Above all, though, the most powerful part of the weekend was the inspiration I garnered from it. Everywhere I turned the entire weekend- from the words and unique stories of the seminar speakers, to the incredibly passionate fellow students I met, to even the random chicly dressed girls and guys I passed between classes- I was inspired. One thing that all TVFU students have in common are big dreams and the will to work hard for those dreams. Living in a small city, often so removed from the world I strive to enter, it is so easy to become discouraged and scared of the future, to hang my head low and sigh, and feel like I will never turn my life into what I want it to be. However, at TVFU, every student has such passion and strong will, and the energy is absolutely contagious. It's a feeling I can't even begin to describe. It is this kind of inspiration that keeps me going, working, striving for what I want.

And for that, Teen Vogue Fashion University, I am incredibly grateful.

Congratulations TVFU Class of 2013!!

xo, Caroline

In Phillip Lim for Target at the Express Kick-Off

My friend Jackie and I with Andrew Bevan! (Check out her new blog here)

"Anna"- I just about died upon seeing this

Teen Vogue offices and closet tour

Lunch in Bryant Park
#OOTD-ing in Bryant Park during lunch

Thursday, October 24, 2013

To New Beginnings...

One year. 12 months. 365 days. Whatever you call it, there's no denying that this amount of time that separates me and my former self of one year ago has been filled with plenty of ups and downs, trials and tribulations of personal growth. In one year's time, I have realized both the big and the small about myself. In one year's time, I visited New York City three times, worked my first job, read too many books to count, met new and incredible people, began an internship at a local magazine, freaked out over college, went to junior prom, wrote a lot, freaked out over college some more, went to three concerts, attended my second Teen Vogue Fashion University, reached my senior year, and managed to keep (somewhat) sane along the way. It is these various experiences that have shaped me into a year's difference of a person.

But, enough of the past. One cannot move forward with her eyes turned toward the opposite direction. This year has been a journey, but unfortunately it has not been a journey chronicled on this blog. This year, as I make the transition into something greater than what I have ever experienced from the single vantage point of my hometown- college and the world beyond- I want to share my story (and of course my style) on this blog.

And so, here's to another year and a brand spankin' new It's Raining Lavender.

More posts to come soon! (I promise this time.)

xo, Caroline